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Double-finger ring collection by Mano y Metal

{ q u o t e }
"Yo, la peor de todas" 
My favorite quote in the whole wide world
and my fav. Mexican feminist of the 1600s: Sor Juana Ines de La Cruz 
double-finger ring // handmade with ♥// hand stamped // adjustable // original design // one-of-a-kind //
{ i n s p i r a t i o n }
Here is the lowdown: 
it was in the 1600s that Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was living in an era in which women did not attend school work, read, write, dream or soar beyond being a wife and mother. 
Sor Juana wanted more that that, she wanted to go to school, so she dressed as a boy and attended classes until she was discovered and kicked out... her father was arranging a marriage for her when Sor Juana became a nun, confined to the convent she was able to flee the obligation of marriage and instead devote herself to God and finally able to collect all the books she wanted, read, write, paint and explore her potential. 
Yet, she was met with great resistence and was forced to stop writing, reading and studying... 
she was labeled as a rebellious woman simply for wanting to avoid stereotypes and so she labeled herself: "Yo, la Peor de todas." and I take that as not a form of resignation but rather a token of her humor as she was so "rebellious and terrible" simply for wanting to avoid the boxes women were placed in to conform. 
And so, I share one of my favorite phrases with you, of which a Sor Juana said of herself as she avoided being a mother and wife and instead became a scholar, playwright, poet....and is considered to be the pioneer of feminism in Mexican history.♥ 
**(this was all my personal summary of Sor Juana and the meaning of the phrase... feel free to research and reference other sources for accuracy and learn more about her-- she is really fascinating. xo)
thanks for stopping by to check out my item! Have a good day :)

{ d e t a i l s }
Please note the following details in the "note to seller" box at the check-out.
1. ring sizes? (both fingers please)
2. which hand? - left or right
3. will you wear it with the phrase facing you? (so YOU can read it when you wear it) OR facing the world? (so ONLOOKERS can read it when you wear it) 
{ s t a t s }
▲It is original Mano y Metal design
▲One of a Kind item (even if I duplicate it- it will never be identical).
▲It is 100% pure Aluminum.
▲It is adjustable so can fit *most* ring sizes. 
▲It is unisex- man or woman can wear the ring.

{ h a n d m a d e }
Every single letter is hand stamped by me with my favorite hammer.. the ring begins as a blank piece of metal that I hand stamp, oxidize, form, hammer again, polish, & emerges as a one-of-a-kind ring. I apply a clear sealant to the inside of the ring to prevent against "greening" of your finger for those with sensitive skin. The nature of hand stamping will produce this piece with some letters aligned differently...these are not flaws, these are the details that make each item I create one-of-a-kind, like you.

{ i n f o } 

{ f y i } 

  • I do NOT stamp on the back/inside/reverse of any items.
  • It is recommended to remove the ring when washing the dishes & for frequent hand washing to preserve the black ink the letters are oxidized with. Gracias!