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"Soul of a Ninja" 
Hand-stamped Tie Clip

{ i n s p i r a t i o n }
So, it was one of those days, where everything was going wrong, stress was pouring out of my ears and I was feeling defeated, then I thought to myself: "good thing I have a soul of a ninja to get through this" and that made me laugh, and now its my line... not pick-up line, but you know, something I say when life is being a jerk and bullying me, I think: "soul of a ninja" and after I chuckle, I realize I am built to get through whatever is threatening my peace of mind. 
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▲Will ship in a gift-box ready for gift-giving! :)

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★Thank you to Matt Hays for modeling the Tie Clips!  http://www.matthays.com

{ b e n e f i t s } 
▲A tie clip will prevent the tie from flapping all around in the wind and smacking you in the eye when you wear it on a windy day. 
▲While at a wedding buffet, or any buffet for that matter, when you lean over to reach for that delicious side dish... your tie ends up in the gravy--- you need a tie clip! 
▲ You really don't want to be wearing a tie at all, so you rebel by wearing a one-of-a-kind handcrafted Mano y Metal tie clip that distracts serious people who love wearing ties and it makes your day happy.

The list of benefits goes on... 

{ s t a t s } 
▲It is original Mano y Metal design & phrase.
▲One of a Kind item (even if I duplicate it- it will never be identical). 
▲Tie Clip is made out of 100% pure Aluminum. 
★Please view pic of tie clip being worn for an approximation of the length of the clip but please note this style is: NOT FOR SKINNY TIES!

{ p r o c e s s } 
I hand-stamped the special character--then I oxidize, polish, shape and form it to be the tie clip you see pictured above.  
{ please n o t e } 
♥This item is HANDMADE TO ORDER just for you, please allow 5-7 *business (weekends & holidays do not apply) days for production & processing before it ships! Thanks! 
♥Also, artistic variations will exist in every creation due to it being hand crafted which is not error but rather the one-of-a-kind nature of handmade! :)

{ c u s t o m ? }
I am not customizing any pieces at this time. Thank you!