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Earring Collection handmade by Mano y Metal

{ i t e m }
pelionera [translates to "[woman]fighter" in English]
two-piece dangle earrings // hand stamped // one of a kind // handmade with♥

{ i n s p i r a t i o n }
The word "pelionera" is the Spanish word that translates to "[woman] fighter" in English. While I have witnessed how it is discouraged for women to fight back with words [or fists]... I grew up learning both are necessary from time to time, as a result, I was often misunderstood or labeled aggressive... made to feel bad for being a pelionera... but as nature would have it, I learned to celebrate the pelionera in me, she helps me survive and navigate the world, and yes, she can be rowdy, but oh well. So, this pair of earrings celebrates my fellow aggresivas, my fellow pelioneras.
{ m o r e }
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{ s t a t s } 
  • The earrings are an original Mano y Metal design.
  • One of a Kind pair (even when I duplicate them- they will never be identical).
  • The earrings are lightweight and will not pull down on earlobes.
  • The earrings dangle delicately from your lobes and have some movement when they are worn.
  • Measures: Around 3" in length from hook to bottom.
  • Please view photo of earrings being worn for size approximation. 
{ p r o c e s s } 
The earrings begin as a sheet of metal. I begin by cutting each earring piece out of the sheet of metal, then I hand stamp the word letter-by-letter with my trusty hammer. Next, I file, oxidize, drill, file again, and polish each piece before assembling them into the 2-piece earring. Finally, I attach the assembled earrings to stainless steel surgical earring hooks and boom, the pair of earrings are ready to be worn & added to your earring collection.♥
{ p l e a s e * n o t e } 
  • Handmade takes time! Please allow 7-10 days for production and processing before your order ships out as each piece offered in my shop is handmade.
  • Please note that each earring is handmade individually, so please allow for artistic variations from photos pictured above. Hence, you will receive a one-of-a-kind pair that was handmade to order just for you!♥
  • I do not customize earrings at this time. Thank you.
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