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Necklace Collection by Mano y Metal

{ i t e m } 
PELIONERA {bar necklace}
handmade with ♥// hand stamped // original design // one-of-a-kind 

{ i n s p i r a t i o n } 
The word "pelionera" is the Spanish word that translates to "[woman] fighter" in English. While I have witnessed how it is discouraged for women to fight back with words [or fists]... I grew up learning both are necessary from time to time, as a result, I was often misunderstood or labeled aggressive... made to feel bad for being a pelionera... but as nature would have it, I learned to celebrate the pelionera in me, she helps me survive and navigate the world, and yes, she can be rowdy, but oh well. So, this pair of earrings celebrates my fellow aggresivas, my fellow pelioneras.♥

{ m o r e } 
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{ s t a t s }
▲Necklace is an original Mano y Metal design.
▲Handmade with love. 
▲Necklace bar is 100% pure Aluminum.
▲Necklace chain is stainless steel and measures 18inches in length and will *generally* sit just under the collarbone. 

{ h a n d m a d e }
Every single letter is hand stamped by me with my favorite hammer.. The necklace begins as a blank piece of metal that I hand stamp, oxidize, drill, file, hammer again & polish before it emerges as a one-of-a-kind bar necklace. I then attach the necklace plate to a delicate stainless steel chain that sits 16-18inches in length usually just under one's collarbone. Please note: The nature of hand stamping will produce this piece with some letters aligned differently...these are not flaws, these are the handmade details that make each item I create one-of-a-kind, like you.

{ i n f o } 

  • Current Turn-around time: Handmade takes time! Please allow 7-10 *business (*weekends & holidays do not apply) days for the handmade production of the necklace to be processed and created by hand for you before it ships.
  • Custom? Yes! I customize products, check out the full Custom Options Collection here. 
  • Questions? Visit the FAQ page here.

{ f y i } 

  • I do NOT stamp on the back/inside/reverse of any items.
  • It is recommended to remove the necklace when showering, swimming or any water related activity to preserve the black ink the letters are oxidized with. Gracias!