• No.1 The Original {Libre Collection}

    Mano y Metal

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{ i n s p i r a t i o n }

This collection has been in the works for me for me for months... I kept walking away from it then returning... it is new for me, the first collection that is hand stamped but without words in the design... the first collection that I let my hands guide me to create the design instead of my brain dictating what it "should" be... each design evolved stamp by stamp... each strike of the hammer solidifying the freedom to create without any preconceived notions to control the end result of each design... and that is why I decided to name the collection: Libre (Freedom in Spanish) because it was allowed to just be and evolve organically as I let the hammer roam free on the metal, finding the spot where it wanted to strike the next design element into the metal... and I realize I'm so rarely in that state of existence these days... so I welcome the space to just be free:: libre...

{ d e t a i l s }

  • each symbol was hand stamped one by one with my favorite hammer
  • original Mano y Metal design
  • earrings have movement and dangle when worn
  • light-weight: will not pull down on your ear lobes.
  • hand cut from 100% aluminum (nickle free)
  • earring hooks are made of surgical stainless steel (nickle free always)
  • handmade with love
  • please view photo of earrings being worn for size approximation

{ h a n d m a d e }

the pair of earrings began as a sheet of metal. I hand cut each piece, and let my hammer guide me in the design, hand stamping each design element you see one-by-one on the metal. I then file the edges, tumble it, oxidize it, polish it, drill it, seal it, assemble it and finally the pair of earrings are ready to be worn. Please note that since each pair if handmade to order- no two earrings are identical and will be unique, like you.

Please allow 7 days for the production of your earrings, as the handmade process is spread out over a few days because I am not a machine and my hands need to rest in between the many steps it takes to create each pair of earrings from a single sheet of metal. I appreciate you! Thank you for supporting handmade + micro-economies. with love, Desirée, Mano y Metal