• Be Strong when you are weak, be brave when you are scared, be humble when you are victorious, be badass everyday / Money Clip

    Mano y Metal

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"Be Strong when you are weak
Be Brave when you are scared
Be Humble when you are victorious
Be Badass everyday"
{ i n s p i r a t i o n } 

It was a summer day in 2011 when I created this money clip with my own version of the original quote by adding "be badass everyday" to it.

I sat stamping the quote out as a money clip for the very first time and as I finished it, the quote seemed incomplete to me... and as I re-read it I decided that " Be Badass Everyday" needed to be added to the end of the quote to conclude it on a fun yet truthful tone. I remember hesitating before adding it to my online shop because I wasn't sure my addition of "be badass everyday" would be received well... but I went ahead and posted it anyway. Imagine my surprise when I found my money clip being shared on pinterest, facebook, instagram, tumblr and beyond, I even saw a woman on instagram who tattooed my version of the quote with the be badass everyday on it to her shoulder blade! I was shocked. I had never imagined so many people would gravitate and relate to the quote so much with the "Be Badass everyday" added... I never imagined people would share my money clip online and make it go viral. Who would have thought, a girl with a hammer working out of her home studio would create an item that so many people relate to. Thank you for your support in my quest to create badassery and I am glad you found me! That just goes to show to always express yourself every chance you get because you never know how much others will be able to relate to your words, thoughts & self. 
Viral: I have since seen my money clip image posted all over facebook, pinterest, instagram and such but sadly *without* my watermark: it was either cropped out or removed... so if you seen it somewhere without my watermark... it started here... in my Chicago-based home studio, stamped letter by letter to order just for you! Mama was the one that said it first: Be Badass Everyday!

{ m o r e } 

{ s t a t s }

  • Industrial in design with a rough edge to its appearance.
  • Design is sleek & semi-wide to hold your cash while maintaining a minimalist appeal.
  • The Mano y Metal money clip carries a One-of-a-Kind element as even if I duplicate it- it will never-EVER be identical!
  • I added the Mano y Metal logo as a design detail to be a "pressure disc" to create resistance when reaching for the dollah'billz and assure a firm grip.
  • Money Clip is made out of 100% pure Aluminum base with a copper rivet.
  • Measures approximately 3" x 2" (will vary slightly due to being handmade). 
  • Money clip is LIGHTWEIGHT.

{ p r o c e s s }
All 89 letters on the money clip are individually stamped by hand with my trusty hammer....& there is also a drill involved, a file, letter stamps, tumbling, more hammering, bending, shaping, riveting, oxidizing, forming, manipulating, polishing and alas, the one-of-a-kind money clip with an industrial edge is born! 

{ please n o t e }

  • Please note: This item is HANDMADE TO ORDER just for you - therefore, please allow 7-10 *business days (Sundays & Holidays don't apply) for your order to be processed and created! Thank you!
  • Also, artistic variations will exist in every creation due to it being hand crafted which is not error but rather the one-of-a-kind nature of handmade! 
  • Custom: I do not customize money clips. Thank you.