• I woke up like this {Big O' Earrings}

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{ q u o t e } 

"I woke up like this" big O' earrings

handmade with ♥// original design // one-of-a-kind // statement earrings // put a little humor into your day

 { i n s p i r a t i o n }

real-talk: So, I had been behind on my music and pop culture (as per usual) and my friend's threw a "beyonce music video" viewing party in my honor (since I'm too busy hammering jewelry all day to keep up with what's hot and didn't even know her album had dropped with music videos to each song--whaaa?!). It took that Yonce music video viewing party for me to fall under the Beyonce spell all over again (first time was in destiny's child). So, of course, I went with the same group of friends to see the Beyonce & JayZ "on the run" tour in Chicago and while I danced the entire concert, I danced the hardest when she sang ***Flawless, the entire audience sang along with the chorus: "I Woke up Like This"♥

    { s t a t s } 

    ♥ handmade to order 
    ♥ One of a Kind item (even if I duplicate it- it will never be identical).
    ♥ Big round earrings measure 2inches in outer circumference. 
    ♥ Super lightweight earrings that have movement when worn.
    ♥ Created from 100% aluminum
    ♥ Measures: Around 3.5" in length from hook to bottom.
    ♥ Please view photo of earrings being worn for size approximation. 

    { h a n d m a d e } 
    This pair of earrings start as a sheet of aluminum! I begin by cutting the large circles out of a piece of aluminum, then I measure and cut out the center of each piece of metal circles and then there is a drill involved, a file, creativity, hand stamping action, oxidation, a hammer, love, polishing and boom! The pair of earrings you see pictured above is born. I then attach the earrings to surgical stainless steel earring hooks & alas, the earrings are ready to be worn and added to your earring collection!♥ 

    { F Y I } 

    • Handmade takes Time! Please allow 5-7 *business (*weekends & holidays do not apply) days for the handmade production of the earrings to be handmade for you before it ships.
    • I do NOT hand stamp on the back of any items.
    • I do NOT customize any earrings at this time. Thank you!
    { m o r e }
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