• Eclectic Color Enamel Necklace:::

    Mano y Metal

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this is a One-of-a-Kind Necklace, yes, It the only one in the whole, wide world! 
I call this necklace: Eclectic Color due to the color palette I selected to layer across the necklace in abstract patterns. 

{ h a n d m a d e } 
This necklace began as a sheet of copper that I cut in an abstract one-of-a-kind shape and drilled the pattern of holes across the top in cascading sizes for an added unique quality. I then filed, drilled and cleaned the metal to prep for the enameling process of melting powered glass in vibrant shades of color on it by firing it up in a kiln at 1,400+ degrees multiple times to bring you this one of a kind piece of art!  I let my creative impulses select the color palette, which led me to play with shades of red, turquoise & sprinkles of light pink for contrast creating the one-of-a-kind piece you see pictured above. 

{ s t a t s } 

  • Original Mano y Metal design & piece. 
  • One-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.
  • Hangs from an antique copper chain with T-bar clasp. 
  • Please view pictures of the necklace being modeled for estimation of length & necklace size. 
  • Necklace is lightweight.
  • T-bar Clasp Closure.
  • Reverse side is a solid chocolate brown color.
**Please note this is the only one of its kind, once it sells, it is gone as it cannot be duplicated.**

Thank you for checking out my new work!