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Spanish Speaking Collection


{ q u o t e } 

hand stamped letter-by-letter in my cursive font on a pair of big o' earrings

{ i n s p i r a t i o n }

The word cabrona brings back memories of me getting into trouble, climbing trees, scraped knees, sneaking candy before dinner and my grandmother chasing me around the table to smack me for doing something mischievous and she'd call me cabrona as I'd giggle and escaped her hand... For me, the word cabrona brings back smiles because for some of us, we are cabronas from a very young age.♥

{ m o r e } 

I also hand-stamped the word "Cabrona" on a double-finger ring, view it by clicking here.

{ s t a t s } 
♥ handmade to order 
♥ One of a Kind item (even if I duplicate it- it will never be identical).
♥ Big round earrings measure 2inches in outer circumference. 
♥ Super lightweight earrings that have movement when worn.
♥ Created from 100% aluminum
♥ Measures: Around 3.5" in length from hook to bottom.
♥ Please view photo of earrings being worn for size approximation. 

{ h a n d m a d e } 
I begin by cutting the large circles out of a piece of aluminum, then I measure and cut out the center of each piece of metal circles and then there is a drill involved, a file, creativity, hand stamping action, oxidation, a hammer, love, polishing and boom! The pair of earrings you see pictured above is born. I then attach the earrings to surgical stainless steel earring hooks & alas, the earrings are ready to be worn and added to your earring collection!♥ 

{ F Y I } 

  • Handmade takes Time! Please allow 5-7 *business (*weekends & holidays do not apply) days for the handmade production of the ring to be crafted for you before it ships.
  • I do NOT hand stamp on the back of any items.
  • I do NOT customize any products at this time. Thank you!
{ m o r e }
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