handmade process

I'm just a girl with a hammer.
Everything in my Mano y Metal shop is handcrafted to order just for you.
There is no out-sourcing of finished goods or mass production done outside of my own two hands & trusty hammer.
I hand cut all the metal, polish it, file it, hammer it, hand stamp it, etch it, enamel it, solder it, melt it and love it.
What I enjoy most about being an artist that handcrafts goods is that each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind like you and me...each piece has an individual charm, unique to it and the hands that made it--some letters may be a little crooked, refuse to be in a straight line or resist the strike of my hammer.. and although, frustrating at times, I appreciate the uniqueness each piece evolves into in celebration of the nature in handcrafted goods.
All items are handcrafted in my home studio in Chicago, IL. USA.
Thank you for your support in Mano y Metal: handcrafted accessories for him & her.

Photo credit: Jazmin Corona Photography