{ i t e m }
ME VALE MADRE (design is hand stamped and layered on brass with contrasting metal)
two-piece dangle earrings // mixed metal design // hand stamped // one of a kind // handmade with♥

{ i n s p i r a t i o n }
"Me Vale Madre" is spanish for: "I don't give a crap" (or: F*ck, sh*t",etc.~ depending on the context of the convo)--- yes, it can be interpreted as a little crude, but its also in celebration of those who claim the phrase boldly: A mi, me vale madre.♥

{ m o r e }
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{ s t a t s }

  • The earrings are an original Mano y Metal design.
  • One of a Kind pair (even when I duplicate them- they will never be identical).
  • The earrings are made with brass and aluminum layered on top.
  • The earrings dangle lightly from your lobes and have some movement when they are worn.
  • Measures: Around 2.5" in length from hook to bottom.

{ p r o c e s s }
The earrings begin as a sheet of metal. I begin by cutting each earring piece out of the sheet of metal, then I hand stamp the word letter-by-letter with my trusty hammer. Next, I hand cut the small triangle piece in contrasting metal and hand stamp the image unto it. Then I file, oxidize, drill, file again, and polish each piece before assembling them into the 2-piece earring. Finally, I attach the assembled earrings to stainless steel surgical earring hooks and boom, the pair of earrings are ready to be worn & added to your earring collection.♥

{ p l e a s e * n o t e }

  • Handmade takes time! Please allow 7-10 days for production and processing before your order ships out as each piece offered in my shop is handmade.
  • Please note that each earring is handmade individually, so please allow for artistic variations from photos pictured above. Hence, you will receive a one-of-a-kind pair that was handmade to order just for you!♥
  • I do not customize earrings at this time. Thank you.
  • View all earrings currently available in the Mano y Metal earring collection here.
  • Questions? See the FAQ page here.