• in a society that profits from your self doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act::: {cuff bracelet}

    Mano y Metal

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{ q u o t e } 
in a society that profits from our self-doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act.
cuff bracelet // handmade with ♥// hand stamped // adjustable // original design // one-of-a-kind
{ i n s p i r a t i o n }
I felt compelled to create this piece because the battle to self-love in an era where we are constantly judged and criticized and compared to unrealistic blanket standards, the struggle is real. We must be rebellious and love ourselves truly, flaws and all.

{ s t a t s } 

  •  It is an original Mano y Metal design.
  •  Handmade just for you.
  •  One of a Kind item (even if I duplicate it- it will never be identical).
  •  The bracelet measures: 1inch (width) x 6inches (length) 
  •  It is adjustable so can fit *most* wrist sizes (within the 6inch in length limitation)
  •  Please view photo of bracelet being worn for size approximation.
  •  Bracelet is handmade from 100% pure Aluminum.
  •  I hand-stamped the phrase in a continuous line to wrap around the cuff bracelet to make it a piece of wearable art so that no matter at which angle you look at it-- you get a glimpse at the phrase.

{ h a n d m a d e } 
The bracelet begins as a blank sheet of metal that I hand-stamp the words on it, letter-by-letter. I then I file it, tumble it, oxidize the letters to make them contrast against the color of the aluminum, file it some more, oxidize it again, polish it and then I apply a clear sealant to the inside of the bracelet as it will be close to your skin and finally I curve it by hand & hammer to create a lovely and unique cuff bracelet! The nature of hand stamping will produce this piece with some letters aligned differently...these are not flaws, these are the details that make each item I create one-of-a-kind, like you.

{ i n f o } 

  • Current Turn-around time: Handmade takes time! Please allow 7 *business (*weekends & holidays do not apply) days for the handmade production and processing of your order before it ships.
  • Custom? Yes, view custom options: here 
  • View all the Mano y Metal cuff bracelets currently available: here.
  • Questions? Visit the FAQ page here.

{ f y i } 

  • I do NOT stamp on the back/inside/reverse of any items.
  • It is recommended to avoid exposing the bracelet to water to preserve the black ink the letters are oxidized with. Gracias!