:::Limited Edition::: Handmade Etched Copper Earrings by Mano y Metal ____________________________________________________________

Aztec Calendar 
Big o' earrings // etched // copper // antique finish // one-of-a-kind // handmade with love♥

{ i n s p i r a t i o n }

The Aztec calendar is an image I grew up seeing on the walls of my relatives when I went to visit, as murals in the restaurants I ate at, wood aztec calendar plaques hung in the corner stores I shopped in, drawn on the cover of my latino history books, and tattooed on people I love. The aztec calendar is used in folk art and as a symbol of Mexican cultural identity as it represents a link to our ancestors; the Aztecs and other Pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico. The original image was carved by hand in stone and I have always been fascinated by the calendar system detail, I especially love the detail of the center of it... hence, my etching the center detail of the Aztec calendar into a pair of earrings.♥ Thank you for stopping by today to view my work!

{ s t a t s }

  • Etched Solid Copper
  • One of a Kind item (even if I duplicate it- it will never be identical).
  • Big round earrings measure 2inches in outer circumference.
  • This pair of earrings are a little heavy on the lobes, because they are solid copper & large.
  • Antique Finish. 
  • Measures: Around 3.5" in length from hook to bottom.
  • Please view photo of earrings being worn for size approximation.

{ p r o c e s s }

I begin by cutting the large circles out of a large sheet of copper, then the piece of copper goes through many steps to emerge with the final piece you see pictured above. The copper is tumbled, polished, cleaned, heated, inked, etched, cleaned again, buffed, oxidized, buffed again, filed, tumbled, polished, hammered, a final polish and finally several hours later, the copper earrings emerge antiqued, etched & ready to be added to your earring collection! ♥

{ please n o t e }

  • This item is HANDMADE TO ORDER just for you, please allow 7-10 *business days (*weekends & Holidays do not apply) for production & processing before your order ships out! Thanks!
  • Also, artistic variations will exist in every creation due to it being handcrafted, which is not error but rather the one-of-a-kind nature of handmade! 

{ m o r e }

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