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  • embracing my inner jerk:::

    What is with this polar vortex guys? Seriously, I am so over winter Chicago. Quit it, cut it out, stop, I'm over you. I get it, you are a real beast this year... we mess with mother nature by littering & polluting so she's out to get us. I get it, but I really feel like the point was made, so if I could have a forecast that is no longer single digits with windshields negative a thousand degrees that would be great. Meanwhile, I am staying warm with wraps, shawls, scarves and layers. I saw this colorful paisly scarf hanging...

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  • The Color Yellow.

    Yellow are the taxi topsthe butterflies and bumblebeesjuicy lemons, sunflowerand falling leaves.Yellow is for egg yolka fever's name,the colour of yellow pages directorythe warning card given to players.Yellow is for sunornaments of gold,colour of papersthat are preserved and old.Yellow are the mustard fieldsthe colour of banana peel thatI stepped on and trippedalso a colour of wisdom and intellect.Yellow is for charming smiliesfor youth, exhuberence and cowardiceyellow is for warmth and inspirationto make people smile is its purpose.(15 May,2006) poem sourceI am forever indebted to my mother for buying me braces. Thanks Mom!Does anyone else have a comforting attachment to cardigans like...

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