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  • Small but Mighty: New Earrings

    Hi! Hola! I'm excited to share some news with you about the fact that I finally got to create a couple of the much requested versions of some of my earring designs! What you talkin' 'bout Willis?! Let me s'plain: Well, as many of you [that follow my shop on social media sites such Instagram, FB or Twitter] know... I launched my Copper Collection a few months ago and created some Big O' Copper earrings with some of my favorite iconic ladies such as: Frida Kahlo (of course, you know I LOVE her), Billie Holiday & Audrey Hepburn on them.......

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  • What's New? {no.1} Earring Update.

    Srive to ♥ Keep it Real.♥I'm cutting the metal in new shapes... rectangles, rectangles, calling all rectangles! I like the way it fits the words... & I'm also addicted to using lowercase... so I'll be creating many more designs using rectangles & lowercase letters :)♥ view "Keep it Real" earrings in detail here♥ _______________________♥mama don't play that♥  why is it so fun to say the word "mama."...? For serious. I love to use it. Yo mama! Mama don't play that & my all-time fav to stamp: "listen to your mama!" see? so fun. which is why you can find those "mama" phrases...

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