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  • embracing my inner jerk:::

    What is with this polar vortex guys? Seriously, I am so over winter Chicago. Quit it, cut it out, stop, I'm over you. I get it, you are a real beast this year... we mess with mother nature by littering & polluting so she's out to get us. I get it, but I really feel like the point was made, so if I could have a forecast that is no longer single digits with windshields negative a thousand degrees that would be great. Meanwhile, I am staying warm with wraps, shawls, scarves and layers. I saw this colorful paisly scarf hanging...

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  • Seeing Red.

    Seeing red. at the park, i spotted a bright red brick wall and couldn't resist... i wanted a picture. I wanted to test the red brick wall for a possible photo-shoot I am planning with some new models I am recruiting for the launch of my new website for Mano y Metal. (don't even get me started on that one! SO MUCH WORK- hours upon HOURS it is taking me to build a new website~taking me forever-- ugh.) So, even though the hubs acts unaffected by my (over)enthusiasm to take a picture every chance I get...acts like its silly (my...

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  • Rockabilly Inspired // Last Minute Hustle.

    I texted him: "I Don't have anything to wear!"My friend Alex was in town visiting for the weekend from Texas and we had planned to meet up, have some coffee to catch-up & have some photo-shoot fun. And of course, even though I had known about this meeting months in advance, the morning of -I am pulling things out of my closet, not liking my options and telling myself, that next time, Next time I PROMISE to plan ahead... Then I reached for the suspenders.. I have been wanting to wear the red+navy suspenders f-o-r-e-v-e-r but never knew how to pull...

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