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  • Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween! I was pretty excited about Halloween this year, actually it's pretty much my favorite time of year because it gives me a reason to play with makeup and dress up! There was so many awesome tutorials out there and I wanted to try them all... and I was drawn to experiment with a masquerade mask i totally winged it and came up with this fun DIY!  If we are buddies on instagram, you already saw these, if you didn't, Forgive the instagram filter quality distortion! :)Anyway, it is pretty simple and you don't need fancy makeup to accomplish this look,...

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  • Dia de los Muertos SUGAR SKULL tutorial!

    Hi! Hola! Anyone else have Halloween fever? I was wondering what to "be" for Halloween... and I thought I'd give a Sugar Skull face paint/make-up a try! It was a lot of fun but considering this was my first time ever trying this look out and applying this much face paint at one time... I did learn a lot... like:I should have drawn out/"mapped out" the design I drew on my face PRIOR to... you know, recording... because I free-styled it... and all I knew was I was going to avoid the spider-web on the forehead.. because I don't like...

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