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  • What's New? {no.1} Earring Update.

    Srive to ♥ Keep it Real.♥
    I'm cutting the metal in new shapes...
    rectangles, rectangles, calling all rectangles!
    I like the way it fits the words... & I'm also addicted to using lowercase... so I'll be creating many more designs using rectangles & lowercase letters :)
    ♥ view "Keep it Real" earrings in detail here

    ♥mama don't play that♥ 
    why is it so fun to say the word "mama."...?
    For serious. I love to use it.
    Yo mama!
    Mama don't play that &
    my all-time fav to stamp: "listen to your mama!"
    see? so fun. which is why you can find those "mama" phrases stamped all over my rings, double-finger rings & earrings...
    I admit it: i was known to say "yo mama" jokes in High school, especially to pass the time on the school bus. 

    ♥view "mama don't play that" earrings in detail here
    Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Boss.
    My second favorite word to use as a runner-up to "mama" is BOSS.
    ♥Boss Lady♥
    & I am on a mission to stamp it on as many different pieces, shapes & sizes as possible...
    I'm all about options. :)

    ♥view "boss lady" earrings in detail here
    And last but not least....
    I believe
    If you are to love at all...
    ♥Love Hard♥
    ♥View "love hard" earrings in detail here

    That's all she wrote. :)
    How is your week going?

    Thanks for stopping by today!

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