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  • What I Wore + Film Photography

    Film! my friend Alex walks around with his film camera and we went to lunch the other day in downtown and as we walked back to our cubicles, we came across this huge cement wall that had been painted brown and before I knew it he was having me stand there for a picture. Ok, in the age of digital... where I can review a picture, edit it, delete it and take a dozen more slightly different variations of the SAME pose...before I "approve" one-- film brings me back to the basics where you just gotta hope it came out good cause that it is, the picture has been taken and is hostage to the film until it gets developed… and is true::: What was- is and what is- was and that's it. No control over the outcome...

    When I see his film camera I remember the years when I would borrow my mom's 110 film camera & --- the days when I actually used to PRINT pictures! I realized I have dozens of pictures of my son online... but actually printed? um, not really! And that is the beauty of film, film takes it back to the basics, and if you want to see what is on the film, you have to develop it… and I realize I miss developing pictures and making PHYSICAL photo albums I can flip through … not all the dozen of digital photo albums trapped in the screen…
    So yea, in the age of digital-à film photography is giving me food for thought.  

    All photos taken on Film by Alejandro Lavin, Jr.
    His website:
    Blouse: boutique in Miami, FL. (vacation purchase) // jeans: thrifted
    // earrings & bracelet: Mano y Metal // bag: thrifted
    // navy sandals: Old navy (a desperate purchase the day I wore heels to work & couldn’t stand the pain of walking in them a minute longer)

    What about you--->What are your thoughts on Film vs. Digital?


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