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  • What's New? {No.2} ♥Heart Stuff♥

    ♥Heart shape♥Heart made♥Hand-Stamped
    ♥Heart Pendant Necklaces♥
    I have been having fun cutting out hearts from pieces of metal lately... and I have a zillion ideas swarming in my head on new designs, styles & products to create & launch.. if only I had another set of hands & about 12 more hours in a day to get to it all... my cubicle job really cramps my creativity & zaps my time. I get home from working all day in the cubicle around 6:30pm.. and the last thing I want to do is work some more when I get home... so I sit and eat and chill out and hang out with my son, give him a bath.. and before I know it its around 8pm already... so I enter my home studio conveniently located in the corner of my living room and work on my etsy shop orders and then my next glance at the clock... its 11pm or midnight already... I usually stay up working until 2am and then very reluctantly wake up at 7am to enter work at le Cubicle and do it all over again... I'm exhausted guys... but its a good exhausted.... an exhaustion that reminds me everyday that Mano y Metal is where I really, really want to be full-time.....
    maybe one day?
    maybe one day I'll get to do that :)
    Until then, here is some new stuff my daily hustle managed to produce...
    some simple, fun, heart neck decor yo.
    (try to say that 5 times real fast, ha)
    view all necklaces currently available in my Etsy Shop here
    And due to inquiries regarding if I create custom heart charm necklaces the answer is: 
     YES! I can create a custom heart pendant necklace for you! 

    Maximum of 18 characters but you decide.....
    • what you would like me for to hand stamp on it: name? date? word? phrase? Up to you! :)
    • Want it to hang: standard upright OR on its side?
    • more details regarding ordering a custom heart charm necklace can be found here.
    view all necklaces currently available in my Etsy Shop here

    When I was creating these it was hard for me to decide if I preferred the heart charms to hang
    upright or on their side...
    what do you think?

    Thanks for stopping by today!

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