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  • Polka Dots, Purple Heels and Word Bombs

    This started off like any other outfit post... but then as I compiled the pictures... I started writing..
    and I guess that is what this space is for, my little blog.. to be a home to my creative instincts so although it was just supposed to be clothes, shoes and me... story and words filled the pictures...
    so I guess it is an outfit post.. but with a twist... as I had the craving to fill the negative space of the pic... the otherwise empty space... fill it with words today... 
    sometimes I like blank walls and blank space in pictures and sometimes I feel like the blank walls ache to be drawn all over. I am the kid that drew all over walls though, surprisingly my mom never got too mad about it though... maybe because she would paint murals on our walls on impulse too... and when we moved I was so sad we had to cover up the mural with white paint... and leave it behind.. I wanted to take the murals she painted on walls with me... take those walls with me.. Anyway, here be the pics and the word bombs they inspired.
     No but seriously,

    Shout-out to my 1st grader who took all these pics for me... even though he drives a hard bargain as it was a total bribe/negotiation game when asking him to take the pics. ;p But hey, at least he is nothing like those school photographers on picture days :)

    ♥thank you for stopping by today to read my ramblings :)♥

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