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  • Dia de los Muertos SUGAR SKULL tutorial!

    Hi! Hola! Anyone else have Halloween fever? I was wondering what to "be" for Halloween... and I thought I'd give a Sugar Skull face paint/make-up a try! It was a lot of fun but considering this was my first time ever trying this look out and applying this much face paint at one time... I did learn a lot... like:
    • I should have drawn out/"mapped out" the design I drew on my face PRIOR to... you know, recording... because I free-styled it... and all I knew was I was going to avoid the spider-web on the forehead.. because I don't like spiders or spiderwebs.. but then I kinda let my hand lead impulsively and drew swirls & hearts.. Anyway, next time I am either printing a picture of a design I like or drawing it out before so I can have a much clearer design... you know, design with intent! :) 
    • Anyway, another things I learned: color inside nostrils... I know, I know that sounds gross BUT I'm talking about the brim of the nostrils because I noticed in the editing of the video/photographs that my skin peeked through around my nose and it was cause' I didn't get down and dirty with the black face paint like I should have. :) See Picture below! ha! :) See? PAINT the inside of your nostrils! :)



     Other than the trail and error (heehee)-- it was really fun to create this look! I recorded my face-paint adventure (see YouTube video below) so you can see how I achieved the look and give it a try. I'll be honest, it does take a while.. I know I crammed it all in a 5minute tutorial... but I seriously spared you all the over an hour process. :)
    So if you do try this look here are some tips:
    • Have a print out of the image / design you want to create 
    • Reserve an 1hour to 2hours to apply the sugar skull face. 
    • Be creative! Add or Subtract as many details as you want, that's the fun thing about this look, it lends to creative freedom in color choices and design. 
    • If you "mess up" don't freak out, just add some white face paint to fix it and remember there are no mistakes in art! :)
    • I also used mainly Halloween face-paint to achieve this look and easily accessible products such as eyeliner pencils & eyeshadow creme-based pencils for the colored parts.
    • The rhinestones I used for around my eyes I got at a craft store. :) 
    • Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below & I'll do my best to answer them! :) 
    • Oh, and PAINT INSIDE your Nostrils! :) 

    ♥What are you planning on dressing-up as for Halloween?♥
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