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    I got it in my head that I would grow my own lettuce this summer... I read in one of my magazines that growing lettuce is the easiest vegetable to start with, and considering I usually kill any plant I bring into my house, I figured I should start with the safest route to my little-indoor-home garden.
    Of course, as soon as I walked over to the garden area of the store I convinced myself that I could grow all of the 8 packets of seeds you see pictured below. I am super impulsive that way and I figured it couldn't hurt to try...
    and so the Urban Garden(ing) Project begun one month ago and I planted: 
    Spinach, Lettuce, Lavender, Basil, Cilantro, Parsely, Oregano & Kale
    with high hopes for a salad by the end of the summer!
    I planted each seed packet in a ceramic pot, placed the pots next to my sunniest window and held my breath in the hopes of seeing some green..
    Week One: 
    4 of the 8 seed packets I planted surprised me with itty-bitty green promises!
    Week Two: 
     The growth from one week to another is amazing! The Cilantro sprouted this week and the Kale was taking the lead with overflowing green sprouts.
    Meanwhile, the oregano hadn't grown beyond the first pic, and the lavender, spinach & parsley remained just pots of dirt...
    Week Three:  
    Cilantro Leaves and basil leaves were making an appearance! I also totally over-watered the plants this week and thankfully they survived my over-drowning of them! :) This week, the parsley sprouted two tiny green promises and the oregano remained at a standstill in growth.. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it might grow though!
    Week Four:  
    My baby plants turned 1 month and are proving to appreciate the sunny windowsill.
    The scent of the basil leaves and cilantro plant started to radiate around the plants this week too! I'm already looking up mixed drinks on pinterest that call for fresh basil leaves! Might have some basil drank fun this summer. :)

    So there you have it, even if you live in an apartment and don't have access to a yard you can still grow some leafy greens! Even if you don't have a green thumb and have a history of killing plants (points to self) there is still hope for you, because if I can do it you can too. :) It is also pretty fun to see the growth. All you need is a sunny windowsill and basic watering skills.:)

    Planting anything this season? 


    Desiree, Mano y Metal


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