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  • What I Wore // An Organ and Elf Shoes

    So the Organ walks into a bar and says to the girl... 
    No wait, the girl walks into the bar and there is an organ there..
    Wait, how does the joke go? 
    But seriously, isn't this a cool organ? I'm all for cool photo props and this one is the coolest prop ever! 
    Last weekend my friend Alex came to Chicago for a visit from Texas where he moved with his girlfriend... His parents cleaned out his apartment and all that is left standing is a TV mounted on the wall and this cool-ass organ!
    and so, impromptu photo-shoot incurred!
    I have the hardest time wearing these shoes, when I purchased them I envisioned myself attending an art gallery wearing them... (because that is what I do, my imagination is x100 when I go shoe shopping) -- I have a hard time wearing them out because when I try them on with an outfit, I feel like I look like an elf. They are elf shoes. Oh, look mom, I'm an elf! 
    and even though I felt like an elf at the store when I tried them on there, and I knew that would hold me back from wearing them a lot.. I bought them anyway because I fell in love with the chunky yellow heel.. I love bold color details on shoes... details that make the shoe distinct in design. and so it was that yellow chunky heel that convinced me I should add these to my collection.. for days like this... where I'd be hanging all over an organ. haha.
    Two things: 
    1. I'm growing my hair out, I've resisted all impulses to chop it off to see how long I can grow it.. so we'll see! 
    2. I decided to stop dying it. Um, WHAT? Yes. If you have looked through my posts, my favorite color to dye my hair is Red, different shades of red, I mix colors in my bathroom (make plenty of messes) and I have been dying my hair for YEARS! my hair is damaged and I want to let it grow out and be healthy again... (if that is even possible!) so... here we are with scandalous roots... ha.
    Isn't it so fun when you get a leg cramp in the middle of a pose? what the! ;p
    // Shiny disco shirt: A'gaci // jeans: my messy closet //
    // shoes: Aldo // earrings: Mano y Metal //
    How's your week going?
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Desiree, Mano y Metal

    All Photos taken by: Alejandro Lavin
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