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  • PITCHFORK MUSIC FEST 2013: photos, videos & behind the scenes.

    Has it seriously been two weeks already since I had the pleasure of vending for the 3rd year in a row at Chicagos's Pitchfork Music Festival 2013?! Preparing for the fest is the reason my etsy shop had to go on vacation mode for a few weeks because I go into panic mode right before vending at a huge show. I get a rush of anxiety (that lasts for days) stemming from the nagging voice that insists that I don't have enough time to produce all the inventory I envision and scribble on my "to-create" list(s)... Anyway, I closed down my etsy shop temporarily to eliminate the pressure of tending to it and focus majority of my attention on preparing... for the big 3 day festival! Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 10am-10pm..

    The night before, in typical Desiree fashion, I stood up all night prepping last minute items, displays and so fourth until 7am! Yep, saw the sunset... and then saw the sunrise without sleeping a wink..
    Does anyone else do that? Night-owls unite! 
    Only had time to shower and sleep for an hour until my son woke me up at 8am and I forced myself awake--and got my vending face on! (thank goodness for the magical powers of under-eye make-up! just sayin')

    I believe in a color-blocking system! Actually, I'm just attracted to bright colors and love contrasting these vibrant shades of color blocks against my hand stamped pieces. 

    Here is a short video I posted on my instagram that's a collage of what I took to Pitchfork this year. Also, have I mentioned how fun I find the video option on Instagram? 

    A HUGE SHOUT-OUT to my BFF Mayra for being my ride or dye gurl and vending with me in the crazy heat for the 3rd year in a row at Pitchfork Music Festival! 
    I cannot do it without her! She is absolutely amazing and I LOVE having her at my side year after year at pitchfork, so much fun when you have your BFF there! :) 
    And another HUGE SHOUT-OUT to my baby brother Johnny for vending with me too and being our muscle the entire weekend! 
    He carried ALL the heavy stuff, balanced on chairs and put up the tarps and banners for us, took them down, and hauled the dolly up and down the cracked sidewalk to and from our car every night. This was the first year the vendors were allowed to bring TWO helpers to vend with them, so it was the first year me and Mayra had some help with all the grunt work of ste-up and break-down each day.
    Also, since we had a 3rd person vending with us (my baby bro), that meant me and Mayra got to explore the festival together for the 1st time ever! So we wandered around and shopped for our annual sunglasses haul. :) 
    So, every year there is an air-conditioned tent featured sponsored by a selected company and this year it was H&M hosting the air conditioned party! Inside their tent was a live DJ, free nail art station, hair station, iphone charging stations and the funnest booth where you got to dance and create a gif that would be featured on the giant screen in the back of the tent.. naturally, while charging my phone with my friend Ricky, we wandered into the dance booth and made the gif shown below that I uploaded on my instagram. 

    One of the great things about vending at pitchfork is that we run into so many friends each year and I love when my amigos y amigas stop by my tent to say hello and hang out!

    The third day of pitchfork is always the smoothest to set-up as we have had two days of practice, we are half-way through our inventory and we are ready to face the heat with a cooler packed of goodies.

    I did end up staying up again (i basically didn't sleep for several days :) on saturday night to finish off a collection of enamel necklaces that I had been working on and finally debuted on the 3rd and final day of Pitchfork.. including the reversible necklace I'm wearing in the picture above. Below is a short video I posted on instagram featuring the new enamel necklaces that I am hoping to have in my online shop soon!-- so yea, consider this short vid a sneak peek <3

    Overall, the weekend was awesome! We did get rained out an hour early each night, and although that cut into the sales at the end of each day, there was no denying the fun we had. Especially in that dancing booth. :)
    a short video we made in the H&M tent!
    These two pictures below might very well sum up the relationship my brother and I have together... I might embarrass him and be loud and crazy, while he is more chill and prefers not to call attention to himself. ha. It was so much fun having my baby brother there with me this year!
    and the trick is to wrap all of the above inventory & displays into a rain proof portable package as pictured below! :) #magic
    and I couldn't have done it without these two homies of mine. 
    Once again, a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to my bff Mayra and my baby brother Johnny for hanging with me all weekend in the 100 degree weather, rain, hustle and vending madness that is Pitchfork Music Fest! Hope we get to vend there together again for many more years to come! Y'all are the best! <3 

    How's your summer going? 

    Visited or vended at any music festivals this summer?

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Desiree, Mano y Metal ♥
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