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    What is with this polar vortex guys? Seriously, I am so over winter Chicago. Quit it, cut it out, stop, I'm over you. I get it, you are a real beast this year... we mess with mother nature by littering & polluting so she's out to get us. I get it, but I really feel like the point was made, so if I could have a forecast that is no longer single digits with windshields negative a thousand degrees that would be great. Meanwhile, I am staying warm with wraps, shawls, scarves and layers. I saw this colorful paisly scarf hanging on the rack and I tried to walk past it without buying it, but there was a magnetic pull tugging me back to it... so I *had* to purchase it. I wore it out the other night and it was the perfect piece to drape over my shoulders in lieu of my [trusty]cardigan. I really wanted to wear some fun shoes with it, but with ALL THIS NON-STOP SNOW I am bound to boots... Anyway, this shawl, I like that I can wear it different ways: open over my shoulders like a sweater, or wrapped around me -making me feel like a magician hiding a rabbit in her cape. heeeey. 
    On another note, I'm growing out my hair... it has been 3 years since I have cut it (aside from occasional trims)...  my hair hasn't been this long since I was around 12 years old.  c r a z z z z z y. 
    Also, being that I used to dye it {obsessively-due to my short attention span and constant need for change} every month or so, my hair got SUPER damaged... which is why I decided to stop dying it... (this goes along with turning vegan last year & just trying overall to reduce the amount of chemicals I put on/in my body...)  so it has been one year since I have dyed it.. my goal is to grow it out to my waist and then cut it... cut off all the processed damaged hair that has been abused by me for years... I think another year of growing it out should suffice... 
    um, not dying it means coming face to face with gray{or is it grey?} hairs and not running to a hair salon to hide them... but I have gotten used to them and now I like them... my gray hairs are like my badge of being a grown-ass woman. yep. grown-ass woman status up in here. :)

    I will say that I DO NOT like (most)anything (or anyone (with the exception of my child)) high maintenance.. because I get annoyed very easily...and my long hair has been getting to be high maintenance and if I don't braid it at night it gets tangled when I sleep.. and I wake up with annoying knots & tangles... I got a knot that was huge in the back of my hair... and I tried (a little) to untangle that giant hair knot but it annoyed me so much I took a razor and sliced it out.. haha. It felt great to get rid of it quickly & efficiently, & I didn't hesitate... as I get older I hesitate less and less when it comes to cutting things/people out of my life that aren't good for me or that annoy me ha. I love getting older, I'm embracing my inner jerk more each day. 

    I just checked the weather and Chicago is at ONE degree right now (!!!!)... winter has indeed embraced its inner jerk too. :) Thanks for stopping by today to visit my blog.


    Desiree, Mano y Metal 

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